8Pcs Lemon Red Tea 柠檬红茶
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  • Net weight:120gram+-
  • Each tin has 8 pcs +-

Features :

  • Net weight:120gram+-
  • Each tin has 8 pcs +-

Functions :

  • Selection of Yunnan Dianhong old tea tree and lemon citrus peel, unique crafting
  • The ingenious combination of tea and fruit has both the sweetness and mellowness of black tea and the fragrance of lemon
  • The brewed tea releases the lemon citrus fragrance, and the tea is twisted with a clear color
  • It can be brewed whole or broken, simple and convenient, with high foam resistance
  • Store Instruction: Store in a dry and ventilated environment, away from strong odour and direct sunlight
  • Suitable for household, restaurant and hotel

特点 :

  • 净重:120克+-
  • 每罐有8颗+-

功效 :

  • 甄选云南滇红老茶树与柠檬柑皮,独特工艺制作
  • 茶与果的巧妙结合,既有红茶的香甜醇厚,也有柠檬的清香
  • 冲泡出的茶,释放出柠檬柑香,拧中带茶,色泽清润
  • 可整粒冲泡,也可掰散,简单便捷,耐泡度高
  • 储存法:在清洁通风干燥无异味无污染
  • 适用于酒楼、酒店或佳节送礼

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8Pcs Lemon Red Tea 柠檬红茶 

Package Include

1 tin = 120gram+-